"Cracks" in legs

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"Cracks" in legs

Postby lrcuregirl » Sun May 18, 2008 9:03 pm

Hi everyone! My husband has leg lymphedema and had months of the weeping from the legs. We kept them wrapped as recommended and the leaking finally stopped. His lower legs are fairly normal in size now, but the skin where the open sores were now looks like fish scales! We've been putting Eucerin moisturizer on them before we wrap them in ABD pads, kerlux gauze rolls and then the farrow wraps or compression socks, but the skin still seems dry and looks like there are little cracks. Nothing is leaking out, but we're worried and want to prevent another bout of the weeping. Anyone have any suggestions--maybe a better moisturizer to use?
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Postby patoco » Sun May 18, 2008 10:54 pm

Hi "IR" :D

What you have been doing is excellent - right on target for leaky wounds. :!: :!:

The one thing I might try different is that if the leakage has stopped, and there is absolutely no drainage at all, you might try bandaging without the ABD pads. It may be that those pads are just thick enough to keep the skin dry.

The skin (especially on my right leg) could pass for alligator hide. It just soaks up any moisterizer I put on it.

Keep putting the Eucerin on - thick if you need to. Eucerin is just about as good as it gets. This should eventually improve the skin texture. One thing I do too, is to sit for several minutes after I slap on the Eucerin and just kinda let it soak more into the skin. This has begun to help the skin texture on my right leg.

BTW...ABD's are excellent for those wounds too. That is exactly what I use.

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