Pregnancy and LE?

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Pregnancy and LE?

Postby swelly17 » Sat Jun 16, 2007 12:22 pm

Well, I am new to the site, but I was very happy to find it. I just barely fit into the "young people" chat, but this is the only page where I found anyone really talking about pregnancy.

If someone thinks I should post this question elsewhere to get a wider audience, please let me know. I am not planning pregnancy any time soon, but I would like to hear about other people with LE (I have it in both legs) and how pregnancy has affected them. I know everyone always says "having a baby changes everything" but very few people have to think about their LE when they are wondering about having children. I also know that everyone is different, but I would like to hear all sides of the story.

I have maintained my LE fairly well (compression hose, therapy, etc) and even though I don't have a doctor that knows a lot about LE, my primary care is helpful. My therapist has also been helpful. However, they can not really explain pregnancy and LE like a woman who has LE and has kids can explain it.

Please reply to this post if you have any suggestions, insight, warnings, advice, or information about pregnancy+LE.

Thanks, and by the way, my name is Ann.
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Postby patoco » Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:21 pm

Hi Ann :)

That's ok...I barely fit into the "oldsters" category :wink: :roll:

Generally, many LE'ers report a temporary worsening of the lymphedema during pregnancy. This is helped however by a bit extra MLD/CDT, good exercises, and compression wrapping or garment.

BTW, my maternal grandmother had leg lymphedema and she had nine children and she lived to be 79. Also, there are many many women who are members of our groups and the website here who have LE and have also had children without complications or serious side effects.

Here is our info page on it:


My only gandchild is now 8 moonths....told my daughter Emily...gee, it's time to start thinking about number two :D :!:

Best to you :!:

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Postby lazyleftleg » Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:00 pm

hi ann. i'm 29 with a 2 yr old and have had secondary LE for 4 yrs now. my drs were concerned with clotting during pregnancy in my affected leg. i'm happy to say that my pregnancy went great with very little issues. i made sure to rest off of my feet as much as possible. i put a stool under my desk at work to keep my feet up. i also did my low impact exercises to help my leg circulation. the hardest part for me was once i was in the hospital i took my stocking off because of the over night stay and with all the fluid they were pumping in me it made the swelling worse in my leg. i couldn't get my stocking on the next day so lucky for me i was in bed all day and not on my feet anyway. i would suggest you wear your stockings, do your massage as often as you can and you'll most likely be fine! good luck!!
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Postby Stacy » Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:51 pm


I have two daughters and did not have any problems with my LE while pregnant. (I have primary in both legs). If you have primary LE you might want to have genetic counseling. My youngest daughter has developed LE i her legs (she's 17) and I had no idea when I was having children that my LE could be inherited. I can't imagine doing anything differently, though I wish that I could have spared her.

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Re: Pregnancy and LE?

Postby lymphlady » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:23 pm


Everybody is different. I fit in the "over 35" category. I was 23 when I got pregnant. I was very carefully monitored while pregnant and had swelling. In my eighth month, I developed a clot in my lymph leg but I 've had clots before. I spent ten days in the hospital and the rest of pregnancy on bedrest. I think it depends on your situation. I would consult your obgyn before getting pregnant. Doctor recommended that I not get pregnant again and labor was a problem. I ended up having a c-section. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy but have not gotten pregnant since. He's almost fourteen now and still a beautiful teen "angel".
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