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 +In [[biomedical engineering]],​ bioimpedance is a term used to describe the response of a living organism to an externally applied electric current. It is a measure of the oppostion to the flow of that electric current through the tissues, the opposite of [[electrical conductivity]]. The measurement of the bioimpedance (or bioelectrical impedance) of the humans and animals has proved useful as a non-invasive method for measuring such things as blood flow (often referred to as bioimpedance plethysmography) and body composition ( known as bioelectrical impedance analysis or simply BIA).
 +In bioimpedance plethysmography,​ the measure is sometimes based on pulsatile [[blood volume]] changes in the [[aorta]]. Bioimpedance is relevant to the development of devices to measure [[cardiac output]] and circulating blood volume. Electrical conductivity can vary as a result of [[breathing]]. Because of this and other sources of variability,​ the reliability of bioimpedance for obtaining accurate data has been called into question. Nevertheless,​ the technique is used in both routine clinical medicine and research.
 +BIA has found a much sounder footing and is the basis of a number of commercially available body composition analysers. See [[Bioelectrical impedance analysis]] for more details.
 +Used in the [[:how to diagnose lymphedema|diagnoses]],​ [[:​treatment|treatment]] and management of [[:​lymphedema|lymphedema]].
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