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 +This a dynamic interface between the brain and the body, which regulates what substances enter the brain parenchyma. The blood brain barrier is made of specialized [[glossary:​endothelial]] cells and their surrounding astrocytic foot processes. The endothelial cells in the brain vasculature are non-fenestrated,​ lack intercellular clefts, and pinocytic vesicles. Furthermore,​ they contain much more mitochondria than normal systemic endothelial cells, and this is to supply energy to the multiple energy-dependent transporters in the BBB. In general, though, the more lipid soluble a substance, the easier it passes through the blood brain barrier. ​
 +Referred to as: BBB
 +(Science: pharmacology,​ physiology) a protective barrier formed by the [[glossary:​blood vessels]] and glia of the brain. It prevents some substances in the [[blood]] from entering brain tissue. ​
 +The blood vessels of the brain (and the retina) are much more impermeable to large molecules (like [[glossary:​antibody|antibodies]]) than blood vessels elsewhere in the body. This has important implications for the ability of the [[organism]] to mount an immune response in these tissues, although the basis for the difference in endothelial permeability is not well understood. ​
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