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 +====== Culture ======
 +(1)A culture is the propagation of [[microorganism]]s in a growth media. Any body [[tissue]] or fluid can be evaluated in the laboratory by culture techniques in order to detect and identify infectious processes. Culture techniques also be used to determine sensitivity to [[antibiotic]]s.
 +(2) culture,
 +//n// 1. the growth of microorganisms or other living cells on artificial media.
 +**culture, bacterial**//​n//​ the bacterial growth on or in an artificial medium. The medium used may be selective for a given type or genus of [[organism]] (e.g., tomato juice agar for lactobacilli).
 +culture, endodontic
 +//n// the growth of microorganisms obtained from root canals or periapical tissues.
 +culture, endodontic medium
 +//n// a type used for endodontic cultures.
 +culture medium
 +//n// a type used for cultivating bacteria.
 +**See also:**
 +[[blood culture]]
 +===== Types of medical cultures =====
 +==== anaerobic culture ====
 +one carried out in the absence of air.
 +==== cell culture ====
 +a growth of cells in vitro; although the [[cell]]s proliferate they do not organize into tissue.
 +continuous flow culture ​ the cultivation of bacteria in a continuous flow of fresh medium to maintain bacterial growth in logarithmic phase.
 +==== continuous flow culture ====
 +the cultivation of [[bacteria]] in a continuous flow of fresh medium to maintain bacterial growth in logarithmic phase.
 +==== explant culture ====
 +a small piece of tissue such as trachea or gut maintained in culture.
 +==== hanging-drop culture ====
 +a culture in which the material to be cultivated is inoculated into a drop of fluid attached to a coverglass inverted over a hollow slide.
 +==== plate cultur ====
 +one grown on a medium, usually agar or gelatin, on a Petri dish.
 +==== primary culture ====
 +a cell or [[tissue]] culture started from material taken directly from an [[organism]],​ as opposed to that from an explant from an organism.
 +==== pure culture ====
 +a culture of a single [[cell]] species, without presence of any contaminants.
 +==== secondary culture ====
 +a subculture derived from a primary culture
 +==== slant culture ====
 +one made on the surface of solidified medium in a tube which has been tilted to provide a greater surface area for growth.
 +==== stab culture ====
 +one in which the medium is inoculated by thrusting a needle deep into its substance.
 +==== streak culture ====
 +one in which the medium is inoculated by drawing an infected wire across it.
 +==== suspension culture ====
 +a culture in which cells multiply while suspended in a suitable medium.
 +==== tissue culture ====
 +maintenance or growth of tissue, organ primordia, or the whole or part of an organ in vitro so as to preserve its architecture and function. Used loosely to refer to monolayer cell cultures. See explant culture (above).
 +==== type culture ====
 +a culture of a species of [[microorganism]] usually maintained in a central collection of type or standard cultures.
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