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 +An abnormally high number of [[eosinophil]]s in the [[blood]]. Normally, eosinophils constitute 1 to 3% of the peripheral blood [[leukocyte]]s,​ at a count of 350 to 650 per cubic millimeter. Eosinophilia can be categorized as mild (less than 1500 eosinophils per cubic millimeter),​ moderate (1500 to 5000 per cubic millimeter),​ or severe (more than 5000 per cubic millimeter). ​
 +In areas of the world where parasitic diseases are common, they are the usual cause of eosinophilia. In developed nations, eosinophilia is most often due to [[allergy]] or, less often, a drug reaction. There are numerous other causes of eosinophilia,​ but individually they are quite uncommon.
 +Eosinophilia may be primary or secondary. In primary eosinophilia,​ the increased production of eosinophils is due to an abnormality in a hematopoietic [[stem cell]] as, for example, in eosinophilic leukemia. In secondary eosinophilia,​ the increased production of eosinophils is a reactive process driven by [[cytokines]],​ as is the case in allergy.
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