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 +(1)Immunity that is naturally present and is not due to prior sensitization to an [[antigen]] from, for example, an [[infection]] or vaccination. Since it is not stimulated by specific antigens, innate immunity is generally nonspecific. It is in contrast to acquired immunity. Also called natural immunity.
 +(2) Natural Immunity - Immunity that is naturally existing, Natural immunity does not require prior sensitization to an [[antigen]]
 +(3) This includes local barriers to [[infection]] such as [[skin]], stomach acid, mucous, the cough reflex, enzymes in tears and [[saliva]] and skin oils. Immunity to disease that occurs as part of an individual'​s natural biologic makeup.Immunity brought about by the possession of suitable [[glossary:​antibody|antibodies]] to fight the [[infection]],​ which may have remained from a past infection or passed on from the mother. ​
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