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 +The intercostal [[lymph nodes]], also termed the posterior intercostal nodes as the internal thoracic group effectively forms an anterior intercostal group, drain the [[lymphatic]] territory of:
 +posterior thoracic cavity around the respective intercostal space
 +parietal pleura deep to the intercostal space
 +Individual nodes on each side are sited just lateral to the head of the respective rib, deep to the innermost intercostal muscles. They receive efferent [[lymphatic vessels]] running around the intercostal space and emerging from between the muscles or from their deep surface.
 +There may be one or two nodes in every intercostal space, and they link up to each other by a lymphatic channel that runs inferiorly to superiorly. The posterior intercostal chain may drain:
 +for superior intercostal spaces to:
 +on the left, the [[thoracic duct]]:  ​
 +directly, above the arch of the aorta
 +indirectly, via posterior mediastinal lymph nodes
 +on the right, the right lymphatic duct
 +in the lower intercostal spaces, to a descending intercostal trunk that eventually joins to the cisterna chyli below the diaphragm ​
 +One or two small nodes located posteriorly in each intercostal space; they receive [[lymph]] from the parietal pleura, intercostal space, and posterior body wall; the nodes in the upper spaces empty into the [[thoracic duct]]; the nodes in the lower spaces form a descending intercostal trunk that opens into the [[cisterna chyli]]. ​
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