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 +(Science: cytokine) a family of glycoproteins derived from human [[cell]]s which normally has a role in fighting viral [[infection]]s by preventing virus multiplication in cells. ​
 +They are secreted by vertebrate cells in response to a wide variety of inducers and confer resistance against many different [[virus]]es,​ inhibit proliferation of normal and [[malignant]] cells, impede multiplication of intracellular parasites, enhance [[macrophage]] and [[granulocyte]] [[phagocytosis]],​ augment natural killer cell activity, and show several other immunomodulatory functions. ​
 +Interferon-alpha is made by leucocytes and interferon-gamma by fibroblasts after viral infection. interferon-alpha and -beta are also called type i interferons,​ interferon-gamma as type II interferons,​ more usually classed as cytokines. ​
 +Pharmacological action: antineoplastic agent, antiviral agents. An antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus; inhibits replication of the virus.A type of glycoprotein that is produced as a defense mechanism against [[pathogens]]. ​
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