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 +Also called Spontaneous pneumothorax,​ is a collection of air or gas in the chest that causes the lung to collapse. Spontaneous means there is no traumatic injury to the chest or lung.
 +Causes, incidence, and risk factors ​   ​
 +There are two types of spontaneous pneumothorax:​
 +Primary spontaneous pneumothorax ​
 +Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax ​
 +Primary spontaneous pneumothorax occurs in people without lung disease. It usually occurs in tall, thin men between the ages of 20 and 40. Usually, the rupture of a small air- or fluid-filled sac in the [[glossary:​lung|lung]] (called a bulla) causes a primary spontaneous pneumothorax.
 +Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax most often occurs with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Other lung diseases commonly associated with spontaneous pneumothorax include:
 +Tuberculosis ​
 +Pneumonia ​
 +Asthma ​
 +Cystic fibrosis ​
 +Lung [[glossary:​cancer|cancer]] ​
 +Interstitial lung disease ​
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