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 +====== Right Lymphatic Duct: ======
 + The [[lymphatic_ducts|lymphatic duct]] which is about about 1.25 cm. in length, courses along the medial border of the Scalenus anterior at the root of the neck and ends in the right [[subclavian_vein]],​ at its angle of junction with the right internal jugular vein. Its orifice is guarded by two semilunar valves, which prevent the passage of venous blood into the duct.
 +The right lymphatic duct is the right-sided equivalent of the thoracic duct. Usually, it is formed from the convergence of:
 +·right subclavian lymphatic trunk 
 +·right jugular lymphatic trunk 
 +·right bronchomediastinal lymphatic trunk
 +One of more of these vessels may fuse directly with the right subclavian, right internal jugular vein or right brachiocephalic vein.
 +Hence, the right lymphatic duct drains into the venous system, usually the medial side of the internal jugular vein, from:
 +·the right side of the head and neck 
 +·the right upper limb 
 +·the right thoracic cavity
 +The duct is quite short and its relations are:
 +·posterior:​ scalenus anterior ​
 +·medially: internal jugular vein 
 +·inferiorly:​ superior surface of first rib
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