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 +====== Secondary Lymphedema: ======
 + The form of [[:​lymphedema]] that is caused by the [[cancer]] treatment, burns, [[infection]]s,​ [[trauma]] or injuries that result in damage to the [[lymphatic_system]].
 +SECONDARY LYMPHEDEMA - The causes of secondary lymphedema are multiple. Infections from insect bites, serious [[wound]]s, or burns can cause lymphedema when they damage or destroy [[lymphatics]] as kind any type of serious injury, radiation for [[cancer]] treatments is also a cause. Outside the tropics the number one cause of secondary lymphedema is the removal of [[:lymph nodes]] for cancer biopsies. Hopefully, with the improved techniques of small needle biopsies, radiological diagnostic improvements and site specific node biopsies we will sees a marked decrease in this type of lymphedema.
 +In the tropical climates the most common cause of lymphedma is infection from filarial worms. Generally, resulting from mosquito bites. This parasite then grows eventually blocking and destroying the [[lymphatic system]].
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