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What Is Lymphedema?

Very generally, lymphedema describes the condition of (or the physical symptoms of) swelling of a leg, arm, or even abdomen, resulting from a malfunction of (or damage to) the lymph system. The lymph system is responsible for the flow of fluids that carry both the food and waste for cells. Hence, lymph-edema. These are, of course, dramatically oversimplified and technically inaccurate statements. However, this should be a fair start if you do not know what lymphedema is.

For most people, the lymph system is damaged through the removal of lymph nodes and/or the treatment of cancer. Others, like Pat O'Connor (Papa Bear ;), were born with the condition. It can also be caused by surgical procedures, serious infection, insect bites, and injury (even bone fractures).

For those with lymphedema, it is incredibly frustrating because the medical world is terribly uninformed about this condition. Patients often go years before an accurate diagnosis is made and even more years before they finally get correct treatment.

The reality though, is…there are ways of diagnosing, there are effective treatment techniques available, and there are ways of managing it.

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